Kirk Cameron Changes Their Tune on Same-Sex Wedding

Kirk Cameron Changes Their Tune on Same-Sex Wedding

The teen-idol-turned-Christian-entrepreneur now states the church should look within. Okay, conservatives: Show us that your particular method is way better.

Jay Michaelson

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Just one more footwear has fallen when you look at the debate over same-sex marriage.

Kirk Cameron, the teenage heartthrob switched Christian Right business owner, the person whom once called homosexuality “detrimental and finally destructive to a lot of associated with the fundamentals of civilization,” has changed their tune. He stated in a job interview earlier in the day this thirty days that Christians should look within, in place of blaming other people for the “decay” in old-fashioned values.

“I think the best hazard to wedding isn’t other people’s concept of wedding,” Cameron said in a telephone meeting using the Alabama-based internet site “The church isn’t using God’s concept of wedding really. It’s not other individuals marriage that is sabotaging’s the problem.”

Tellingly, Cameron, that has formerly taken an explicit place against same-sex wedding, declined to do this when you look at the might 2 meeting. Instead, he put the fault for society’s ills on Christians by themselves. “When people have too focused on redefining marriage, you’re sidetracked from the larger problem—fornicators and adulterers… In the event that individuals sitting within the pews are fornicators and adulterers, the church will destroy marriages alot more quickly compared to those away from church. When God’s individuals marriage that is mock Jesus doesn’t simply take that gently.”

Clearly, Cameron’s “evolution” is hardly an about-face. It is also notably self-serving, since he could be now crisscrossing the country offering seminars on marriage and relationships. However it does express a substantial departure from their previous views, and yet another indication that same-sex wedding happens to be a set social truth. Continue reading “Kirk Cameron Changes Their Tune on Same-Sex Wedding”

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