Millennials & Cash Insights From A usually Forgotten Community

Millennials & Cash Insights From A usually Forgotten Community

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Erika Andraca, Nia Worldwide Capital

by Erika Andraca, Director of Operations and Client Services, Nia Capital influence

Millennials are getting quite the interest through the news. We have been often characterized as entitled and lazy. The thing I find to be real is the fact that our generation has small rely upon large organizations — from governmental workplaces to the large banks and banking institutions. Our company is steeped inside our values and need our money aligned with your desires for a far more planet that is sustainable. We have been poised to catalyze big changes in how monetary solutions run. Just just What has yet become acceptably covered would be the means many millennials are overlooked and marginalized from our systems that are financial.

Making Do

Growing up in a low-income community that is immigrant Los Angeles, We witnessed and experienced first-hand this lack of monetary access. Within my community, a lot of people didn’t have use of accounts that are checking relationships with banking institutions. They lived paycheck-to-paycheck, not earning adequate to maintain a free account free from month-to-month costs. Continue reading “Millennials & Cash Insights From A usually Forgotten Community”